Monday, December 7, 2009

Abusive Relationship is not right

In these generation, not only man are abusive but surprisingly woman can be as abusive as man. Why are there such people out there, human can never be perfect. Some of them can be physically or some can be mentally abusive. Some people say that you always hurt the closest person to you and the reality is, it's true. Most of them don't realize until its too late either they leave you or you end up being depress and don't know what to do.

Most victim who being abuse keep to themselves because of love or scare and some just want to keep the family together. People in abusive relationships sometimes mistake the abuse for intense feelings of caring or concern but sadly its not true. Love should involves respect, trust and not hurting your partner mentally or physically.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Respect for the strong heart

Why do some people respond to us it's complicated, when you ask them some personal question. It will always be complicated, only if you want it to be. I believe in life you can control most of your life style, love life or diet. What you can't control is economic crisis or losing your job.

It will be complicated if you are married and cheat on your partner, I think most people never think of the consequence before they start hurting their love ones.I've seen a lot of relationship remedies but one of the worst is when your love one betray you.

Most betrayer will have their secret relationship for awhile before they dare to tell the truth or sometime they get caught and have no way out. What I don't understand how can they keep on lying day after day without feeling any guilt. Most of them always says they don't mean to hurt you but if they really mean what they say they would have the guts to tell the truth in the first place before they decided to sleep with someone else or betray you.

It's true the truth always hurt but I always think that it's best to be honest to your love ones when you have stop loving them then making it worst by deceiving your love ones. In most case relationship will end when the truth is spoken but some strong hearts willing to forgive and I have high respect for them cause there are only a few people who willling to do that but I bet they will never forget.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Different kind of Love

There are many kind of love one of it what some call puppy love, when you fall in love for the first time in your teenage life and you thought that it's gonna last forever, it is great and exciting giving you goose bum whenever you meet your partner and nothing else matter to you, it is simply sweet, pure and decent.

There are love that has a romantic touch to it when someone decided to spend the rest of their life with the person they think that they are sure that person gonna stay with them till death do they be apart and they will propose, hoping that their partner will say yes.

Some love prepare to love you unconditionally even when you are poor or rich, healthy or disable, they never gets tired to put a smile on your face which I think this kind of love mostly come from what some call man bestfriend, a dog or a pet.

People always think that all parents love their children, through my experience it's not necessary true.

Love can also cause so much pain, hurt, anger, sad and frustration if you are not careful and no matter how much you love someone it's never guaranteed that person will always love you or stay with you as long as you want them to.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Paris Trip

No doubt Paris is one of the most beautiful city to visit during the summer in Europe. Thousands of people from all over the world visited Paris everyday. We are one of the lucky couple who lives next to France and to visit Paris during summer. It was a pleasant four hours drive by bus to Paris from Belgium. I could see the eager and excitement in my wife eyes a day before our trip to Paris. Not only she was looking forward to visit the Eiffel tower, Notre dame, Montmantre and all other attraction we going to visit but at the same time she was looking forward to visit her old good friend whom she last saw ten years ago. We were invited to her lovely home for dinner and we had a great time. During our visit, we were very lucky with the weather and had fantastic time except on our last day when my wife felt sick, other then that it was brilliant.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great BBQ day in Spring

It's spring time here in Belgium, the sun starts to shine more often as well as people here getting out of their house more often then during the winter. Just like me and all of my friends, recently we had a great time in a friend house for a bbq. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and luck was on our side as the sun shine thru out the day. We had great time together burning chacoal at the back of the house in a lovely garden with a glass of red wine in our hands. Everyone brought different kind of meat to cook on the bbq pit and share among friends. My wife seems to look happier as the season changes and the tempearture gets higher. She's getting used of living here in Belgium even though at first she was not too keen of the winter. She is more relaxed and making more friends then I do which makes me happy. I can't wait to take my wife around Belgium during the summer to explore the beautiful site of Belgium.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Legal to drink.

Congratulation you are 18. Drink up Cheers!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seletar Base Golf Club

The Seletar Base Golf Course, formerly known as the Seletar Country Club, is one of the best public golf courses in Singapore. It's a 9-hole public golf course located within the compounds of the Seletar Base Air Force Camp.

The golf course was developed for British Air Force personnel in 1930. The British withdrawal in 1971 and later developments in Singapore, led it to become a public golf course in 1995.

The Seletar Base Golf Course opens 7 days a week for everyone holding a proficiency certificate .

To get in - proceed to the guard house at the entrance to the Air Base. Fill in a form which require particulars of yourself. Give this form together with your identity card or passport to the guard. In exchange he will issue to you a visitor's pass. Don't forget to return this pass in exchange for your idendity card or passport when you leave the Airbase.

Anyone can play here subject to the following:
1. Members of the public who are not members of any golf clubs in Singapore or overseas must take a proficiency test conducted and issued by Seletar Base Golf Course. The test is conducted on Monday and Thursday mornings.
2. Members of Singapore golf clubs must produce at least a proficiency certifcate issued by their respective clubs
3. Those who are from overseas (including members of any Malaysian Golf Clubs) must produce at least their handicap card issued by their respective clubs.

Other facilities at the Seletar Base Golf Course include a Swimming Pool, Tennis and Squash courts, Billiards and Karaoke Rooms. The Clubhouse at the golf course boasts Restaurants, Members' Lounge, and Beer Garden etc.

Seletar Base Golf Course,
244 Oxford Street Singapore 798420

+65 481 4745

9 - hole , Public course

S$30 and S$45 on weekdays for locals and foreigners respectively
S$40 for locals and S$60 for foreigners on weekends

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chelsea's bad week

Chelsea played three games in a week and was not able to win one of them.

It has been quite different in the past.
They did not deserve to loose the game against Arsenal today.

Dominating the game for more than an hour and then Arsenal scored a goal that not should or could have been a goal.

While Van Persie was standing offside almost one meter, he was allowed to score.
The linesman was standing on the perfect spot to see it, but for some reason he kept his flag down.

Final score: Chelsea 1 - Arsenal 2

Getting all the best players to the Premier League is not enough, they should also try to get the best referees, so halfwits like today can not make such mistakes!

But Chelsea is not doing all that well this year, although they are still ahead of Manchester United.

From their games against their biggest rivals they only managed to get one point out of nine. A draw against Man. U and lost against Liverpool and Arsenal.

Even worse, from all their home games in the Premier League they won only 12 out off the 24 points! And that for a tam that didn't lost a home game in almost four years.

Anelka is not that top striker that Chelsea wants and need, that is clearly Drogba's Job. Although the man scored already twelve goals in the Premier League, he doesn't score the big ones. And that is just where they miss a striker like Drogba!

It is clear that scolari still has a lot of work to do before they can consider themselves as challengers for the title.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Premier League

After 13 games two teams seem to running away from the pack, Liverpool and our great Chelsea.

Already 8 points clear from Manchester United and 9 from Arsenal. OK, Man U. still one game in hand.

Think the title race will be among the first three.

It's fair to say that Arsenal already dropped out of the race and tat even their fourth spot might be i great danger. A young good team they have but they seem to mix to many bad games with good ones.

Liverpool might have their best chance in years to win the title, the have mature payers and a super striker.

Chelsea seems stronger then ever, they can afford to keep Drogba on the bench and rightly so with Anelka in super form.

The Chelsea striker already scored 12 goals in the Premier League this season.

The only problem for Scolari's squad seems to be winning the big games.

Let's hope that will change soon and who knows, we might be Champions again this season!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chelsea back on Top

It was a typical hangover Sunday afternoon game. Because of the rain it looked more like a waterpolo game than football.
But Chelsea did what they had to do: WIN!!
Blackburn Rovers - Chelsea ended in a 2 - 0 victory for Chelsea with goals from Anelka.

It seems the striker is always at the right place at the right time.
Anelka already scored 10 goals for Chelsea this season.

So Chelsea back o top together with Liverpool and thanks to a win from Arsenal Manchester United are now 8 points behind the two leaders.

Yes, a good day indeed for a Chelsea fan!
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